Let’s Make an Impact Together

Hi, I am Jen!

I'm a passionate, spiritual, and creative human who invests deeply in the people, projects, and issues that I care about. On LinkedIn, you can read about my professional career in change management and people empowerment, working on climate change, D&I, employee engagement, leadership development, and technology adoption. Here, I hope you can get a better sense of who I am and how I am growing, and if any of it resonates with you, reach out, and let's play together.

Connection over perfection. This site, like me, is a work-in-progress effort to connect with passionate people who want to collaborate, learn, grow, and create positive change.

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My goal is to work within myself and with others to co-create a more conscious and empowered world.






In August 2023, I started a sabbatical to focus on my health, romance, and building the foundation for the next phase of my life and career.

As of January 2024, I am starting to re-engage with the people and the projects that inspire me most, and I am open to connecting with new people and projects, if you think that is you- please reach out!


These are the issues that ignite my passion. I work, volunteer, spend money, and vote in their name. They ignite my heart and drive me to take action.

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IQ or EQ concept.
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My most important projects during my sabbatical are dating, reprogramming my response to stress and working out to increase my mobility and stamina after breaking my back. However, I do maintain an advisor role with a few of my We Bring It On clients, including Unique Custom Candles and Morpheus XR, the company I co-founded and led content and experiences for from 2021-23.

Support with facilitating experiences and strategy sessions and guide development of experiential content.

Provide environmental and social impact advisement to Unique Custom Candles, a Latina owned private-label candle company that supports entrepeneurs in elevating their brand with high-quality, thoughtful and sustainable candles.


I love people, and I want people to succeed in living symbiotically with each other and this planet for eons to come.

I deeply believe that all things are connected and that we are the human expression of nature. I also believe everyone is born capable of and deserving of love, joy, and happiness, and circumstances play a large role in the development of those emotions.

Unfortunately, as a child, my stepfather was abusive, oppressive, volatile, and isolating. “Being a kid” never really felt safe until I had the courage to speak up, and my mom had the courage to finally leave. If it wasn’t for nurturing caregivers in our extended family and compassionate friends in my new school, I might not have started my healing journey so early in life. As much as one person was the cause of pain and trauma, an even larger community was the source of love and support.

These experiences fuel my focus on eradicating harm, speaking up for those who can’t, using emotional intelligence and compassion when engaging in conflict, being a loyal and committed friend, and centering fun, play, rest, and pleasure in a lot of what I do.

When my friends joined me for my 30before30 bucket list, which included a hot air balloon ride.

Fellow GSA Board Members turned friends. (Left to right) Val Fishman, Mary Harvey, Jackie Ventura

When my friends and family joined me in dressing up as Disney characters for a special tour of LA and Disney Karaoke at a public karaoke bar

I also find myself drawn to artists, creators, innovators, healers, and

passionate people who strive for excellence and courageously share their hearts and gifts with the world. Especially those who actively seek to root out corruption, violence, and systemic oppression in our political and economic systems and replace them with regenerative systems that restore, renew, and replenish.

While I gear up to do the work of advocating for regenerative systems broadly, I am prioritizing my personal regenerative system, which involves leveraging the books, podcasts, datebooks, and apps provided by these 4 amazing women-led organizations and reconnecting with communities that bring together people committed to positive impact.

The WE’ Moon Date Book has been with me since 2011

Kim’s book and online workshops are part of my weekly routine since 2020

Adia’s Podcast and Worthiness cohorts have been nourishing me since 2021

CHANI’s insights are apart of my daily and weekly routine since 2013.

Summit Junto and Summit Series brings together high impact and high networth people around the topics of innovation, wellness, and impact

The World Economic Forum Global Shapers membership is only eligible for people in their twenties, but over 505 global cities have hubs that are organizing meaningful projects that engage city stakeholders of all ages to come together around important local and global issues. As an alumnus of the organization, I love to show up and continue to support this unique and effective form of community engagement.